My psychotherapeutic practice is warm, compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental, yet strives to challenge. My practice facilitates skills such as: Focused Attention (concentration): a careful, receptive attention to moment-to-moment experiences as they arise in our consciousness; Open Monitoring (mindfulness): bringing an attitude of interest and curiosity to what is being experienced (observing rather than becoming feelings, becoming mind); a Focused Investigation of constructs that hinder our relationships with the world opening the way to Love and Kindness and a deeper connection to that which is Sacred, awareness of our Immersion in the Natural World.

Open monitoring is a key skill as it helps us to notice how our minds create suffering as it resists sensory experiences and emerging thoughts and images. We can learn to re-integrate split-off and disavowed aspects of ourselves (feelings, thoughts, impulses not sanctioned by family or society; trauma, abuse and shame). With the establishment of Mindfulness as the foundation, a balance can be achieved through the investigation of the conditions that give rise to pain and suffering and the tranquility and equipoise that results when we identify the causes and conditions that allow us to emerge from them and learn to let go.

This is the Joy that my practice offers. Joy is something that we need to nurture and we can do so through focused attention and quiet receptiveness. This is where we can re-discover and reconnect with our inner Wisdom.